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“Lead singer, Michael Shields puts the onus on us, to take responsibility for our own
lives and get off our lazy butts to make a positive change in the world we live. But
he does it in a way that’s both encouraging and enjoyable.

- Carlito (Music Emissions)

“I had forgotten how good rock and roll can be - I need to 'Break Free'”

- Smokin Joe Wiseman (ReverbNation)

“All I have to say is OHHHH YEAHHHH!!! I was supplied five tracks which is only
about half of what you can expect to hear on their debut record ‘Live Earth’. Let me
tell you though that Earth and the Next Society still blew me away! Their energy &
force is second to none!”

- Jimmy Rae (Skope Magazine)

“Earth and the Next Society’s positive messages and melodic rock arrangements on
‘Live Earth’ are simply powerful.”

- Melissa Kucirek (Suite 101)